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Letter from the President

The 2013-2014 LHAECPTA year is officially winding down. It has been a fantastic year and I have very much enjoyed serving as president of our outstanding organization. Looking back on the year, I want to say thank you to the members who stepped up and volunteered.

Every volunteer is truly appreciated. Thank you for planning our crazy and fun children’s activities. Thank you for organizing interesting adult interest activities that give our parents a nice break from reality. Thank you for planning meal calendars, providing snacks for events, and fulfilling our donation drives for local charities. There is a way for every member to get involved in the LHAECPTA. Thank you to those who are active!

The new LHAECPTA board takes over soon. We have a great group of members who are taking on leadership positions. Our incoming LHAECPTA president, Rochelle Mayfield, will do an outstanding job. She is creative, well-organized and will work to make our organization better.

The summer brings a break to our scheduled activities, but we will pick up in July with the always fun and well-attended Lake Highlands 4th of July parade. I hope to see you all at the parks, splash pads and pool this summer!

President LHAECPTA 2013-14

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